What to do if there is no organic food in your area:


As taught by  Dr. Jameel Al qudsi MD

a. Choose the fruit that is small the size; the smaller the size the less chemicals it absorbs.
b. Choose the fruit that is fresh and has the smell of the real fruit; fruit that does not have the real smell means it absorbs big portion of chemicals from the soil.
c. Wash it by soaking it for 5 minutes in a cold water with a bench of salt
8. Try fasting the best fast is what Muslims do every Mondays and Thursdays every week. It helps the body to detoxify .NOTE you should be consulting me first before you start fasting
9. Massage the tired muscles daily. Best recommended early morning, using comfort oil and ginger oil, then bath with warm water to remove the excess oil from the skin.
10. Practicing yoga is highly recommended, it helps big time in reducing stress and depression. You can even do it at your own pace by getting any DVD from amazon.com
11. This diet will help your body detoxify and provide all the necessary missing nutrients. Moreover help you heal by supplementing the body with all the important nutrition.
12. Wake up early. This is the best time where your body gets its vitality and energy.
13. Do not forget to show gratitude to all the blessings provided to earth.
14. Do not add salt till the end of the cooking process to your food
15. Cooking vegetable shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes at the most and with very little amount of water.

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