The body has it’s natural cleansing abilities that help expel the unwanted or harmful substances. Four eliminative organs involved in this process: the bowels, skin, lungs, kidneys. These systems are in constant use , they work together to keep the body clean and in a healthy state.

When invader enters the human organism, those systems put in use to help the process of elimination. This can occur through diarrhea , vomiting, perspiration ( fever), coughing,mucus, nasal discharge. The natural healing abilities are often under used, as the common response. To illness or discomfort it to take chemical medications for symptoms relief. We suppress the body’s natural abilities to eliminate through anti- diarrhea drugs, antihistamine, fever reducer, antibiotics, and other medication to keep our body from cleansing naturally. The stuffing drugs that we use drive the virus and bacteria back into the tissues where it can store until the next immune system crash. Immediate symptoms are managed, but long term health problems are often the results. For example, a steroid ( cortisone) ointment used for a skin treatment may clear up the immediate symptoms, but later a more serious problem occur, such as asthma. In turn, bronchodilators may control the asthma , but may cause depression In the effect to relieve a patient’s symptoms , the real causes of the patient’s condition have been overlooked. In addition to the environmental toxins and unhealthy food that we consume, these types of chemical stuffers contribute to our need to detoxify regularly, ( for example:having Hijama treatment )a cleansing process take these substances out of its storage and into circulation to be eliminated. This occasionally causes unpleasant symptoms for a short period of time. The consumption of caffeine , refined sugar, alcohol and other substances contribute to the effect that is known as the healing crisis. During detoxification or Hijama session and the days following, many people experience some of the sign of healing crisis, which may include: headaches, skin breakdown , bowel sluggishness, diarrhea , fatigue, sweating, frequent urination, congestion, nasal discharges, or body aches or feverish. A few may only experience anxiety, irritability or mental depression.

You must understand that your body is going through a cleansing phase and detoxification. It is throwing out poisons using the energy it has saved from a hard to digest meals that have been discontinued. This is your body natural way of cleansing and it is a positive occurrence.

The best way to help this natural process of cleansing is not to use over the counter drugs to stop the cleansing process. ( prescription medication should NOT be discontinued without consulting your own treating physician) they may make you feel better for a short term, but do so by driving toxins back for storage into the tissues.

Drink plenty of water and take rest to facilitate the cleansing process.

The healing crisis usually lasts from few hours to few days. The healthier the body to begin with , the fewer symptoms you will experience. The more the body has to clean up, the harder and longer the side effects will be. Symptoms will be more pronounced if the charge in the diet is abrupt, and less so if it is gradual. That is why the dietary recommendations before and after are vital to improve the will being. Start consuming fresh fruit, salads, and variety of vegetables. Some people prefer juicing live ( raw) food after Hijama before eating allowing some time for their body to experience the greatness of this wonderfultreatment and more time to and energy to heal and gain vitality. Slowly work your way back to food after Hijama. Your body is now clean and no longer will tolerate abuse. You may come I’ll after eating pizza, and a candy bar may give you a headache. All these food are u healthy and your body is more sensitive.

Hijama is a powerful treatment and a wonderfulway to begin a healthy lifestyle.

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